Streak Of Tigers Found Between Gavar, Sauri Village, Locals In Fear

It has been confirmed that a streak of tigers is residing in a jungle between Gavar and Sauri Village of Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality-1 in Banke National Park (BNP).

The locals are in fear of the attacks of man-eating tigers.

It was found that a streak of tigers was in the area after two tigers attacked an Indian national in Gavar from the highway.

Shyam Kumar Sah, chief conservation officer at BNP, said, “Full-grown tigers in numbers were captured in the camera taping placed in the jungle near Gavar village.”

“The camera set up by the BNP committee in a place captured four tigers in the jungle near Gavar and Sauri in a short span,” said officer Sah, adding that more tigers might be residing there.

The BNP has said that the settlements near Gavar and Sauri are at a high risk of tiger attacks.

“Whether the tigers captured in the camera the same ones who attacked an Indian national last week or not is yet to be ascertained,” said Sah.

He added that a mission would be operated to chase the tigers to the jungle on the northern side of the national park.

Source : TRN,