Strong winds inflict damage in Kailali

Strong winds in Kailali have caused damaged to houses as well as banana plantation farmers on Saturday evening. Two houses in Tikapur have been completely damaged after the storm uprooted a tree.

A three-room house of Bharat BK of Tikapur-1 Bishalnagar has been damaged due to strong winds. Similarly, a two-room mud house and kitchen of Bhalluram Chaudhary of Tikapur-4 have been damaged by falling trees.

Due to the strong winds, the roofs of hundreds of houses have been blown off including of schools while electricity poles have collapsed in some places.
Likewise, banana plantation was also damaged in the district due to strong winds. Farmers have complained that hundreds of bighas of banana farms have been destroyed in Tikapur area alone due to strong winds.

Banana farmer Tekendra Dhami of Tikapur lost 10 bighas of his banana plantation due to strong winds. Tikapur is considered fertile land for banana farming. Hundreds of bighas of land have been cultivated here.

In addition, farmers have complained that the storm has also damaged vegetable farming. “All the vegetable crops have been destroyed. The vegetables such as bean, cucumber, squash and bitter gourd have been damaged, ”said farmer Japindra Chaudhary.

Tikapur Deputy Mayor Khadga Bahadur Shah said that the municipality would bring relief programs to the distressed farmers by collecting the details of the damage caused by the strong winds.