Structures Not Appropriate For Home Isolation

Most of the 14 active coronavirus infected people in Panchthar are staying at home isolation.

Though there is a 20-bed isolation ward at district headquarters, Fidim, only five infected people are being accommodated.

In view of the spike of the infection cases, the isolation ward has been put in place but the structures and facilities here have not been up to the basic standards in line with the protocol.

In lack of minimum structures and facilities required for home isolation, there are potential risks of transmission of the virus.

According to the doctors’ advice, the virus outbreak would be tamed if the daily activities, including food and accommodation and sanitation.

Almost all home structures arranged for isolation are traditional and not up to the mark.

These houses lack toilets and bathing space.

Local people have expressed concern over the possible transmission of the virus due to congested spaces and lack of structures required for the operation of isolation services and facilities.

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