Students In Humla Braving Minus Temperature To Attend Classes

Students at two schools of Limi village of Namkha Rural Municipality in high mountainous Humla district have braved minus 14 degree Celsius temperature to attend classes.

Interestingly, the students had attended classes physically amid a peak in Covid-19 pandemic. Generally, schools in mountainous districts, which often witness minus temperature, have closed classes due to cold.

Arrangements have been made for making a fire to warm students when the sun hides behind the cloud, said Kunjok Tamang, a teacher at Sunkhani Primary School, one of the schools that has been conducting classes in minus temperature.

Another one Bhrikuti Primary School is also doing the same. Both schools have offered classes up to grade six. Teachers for the schools have been managed from private source while a US citizen has managed salaries to them.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,