Students risking their lives on 18-year-old tuin in Rukum

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When the government introduced the Tuin Displacement Programme in 2015, it seemed that Khim Bahadur Nepali from Rukum West would no longer have to make the perilous journey over Tuin to cross the Bheri River.

People living in Aathabiskot Municipality-14 have been crossing the Bheri by means of the tuin near their homes for seven years.

Gyan Bahadur Gharti of Jajarkot also daydreamed to cross the river by the suspension bridge two years ago. Even now, the dream has not been fulfilled and people have to take a risky cross across the river.

The locals have to resort to tuin to connect Jajarkot’s Nalgad Municipality Ward No. 1 Thulabagar to Rukum West’s Aathaviskot Municipality Ward No. 14 Chhotebagar.

The dream of the people of about 300 households to cross the river from a suspension bridge has not been fulfilled yet. Gyan Bahadur said that the students who come to study and the general public who come for shopping have to cross the tuin. He complains that he has heard about the programme brought by the government to displace the tuins but they have not been able to use it.

Hukum Bahadur Pun, Ward Chairman of Aathabiscot Municipality-14, said that the locals and students were traveling by means of the tuin built 18 years ago by the locals.

About a hundred students use the tuin every day while going and going to and from the school.

There is a suspension bridge at a distance of 1 km from this place but that is not suitable for everyday travel, Pun said.

The locals, who had hoped for a solution to tuin’s problem after the arrival of the local government, are also disappointed. Along with the suspension bridge, there is a need for roads, health posts, and schools.

Source : TRN,