Study Of Melamchi Water Supply Project’s Tunnel Underway

With the installation of gate again at the tunnel of Melamchi Water Supply Project, a study has begun to find out whether or not all infrastructures are in proper condition.

A four-member team sent by the donor agency has forwarded study of other infrastructures including the tunnel gate.

An incident had taken place on July 14 at the project site, Helambu rural municipality-1, Sindhupalchowk. A company that built the gate has now been carrying out works to correct the mistake.

The donor agency has been carrying out the study before testing the tunnel sending water again.

Information Officer of the Project, Rajendra Prasad Panta, said that the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the donor agency, has sent four representatives to monitor all parts of the tunnel. A decision would be taken based on their report whether or not it is appropriate to fill water.

Generally, it takes 28 days to technical team to carry out study. It is expected that the ADB representatives would complete the study within December. The tunnel is 27 kilometer long and it would take time to find out the condition of gate along with tunnel.

Panta said that activities have been forwarded to improve the four gates in the tunnel.

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