Supplies And Security Arranged For Returning Rautes

The Raute community, who lead an itinerant life in the jungle, have come to Salyan district after ten years.
They used to live in different places of the district in the past before moving to other districts.
They then starting living on the banks of Bheri River in Gurbakot Municipality-11, in Surkhet district, but have now come to their previous settlement in Kalchedanda, in Kalimati Rural Municipality-5, in Salyan, on Tuesday.
The endangered community of only about 150 people do not engage in any agricultural activities, and earn their livelihood by exchanging goods with other villagers. The nomadic people, who until recently used to live in forests, have recently started living near the villages.
The Administrative Officer of the municipality Hari Bahadur Khatri said that the sale and distribution of liquor has been banned in the vicinity of their settlement after a Raute girl got mistreated recently. The police have also been deployed for their security.
The rural municipality has provided them with food and water, along with other necessary equipment.
Chairman of the municipality Dan Bahadur KC said that some money had been provided for the community. Chief District Officer of Salyan Laxmidevi Homagai said that necessary security had been arranged in the Raute settlement.

Source : TRN,