Supply Of Goods Begins From Hilsa

Daily essentials including food grains are being imported from northern Hilsa of Humla. Border of northern Hilsa is connected with China.

Eight tippers reached Hilsa, closed for around nine months due to coronavirus and three months due to snowfall, and brought daily essentials on Monday.

Dorjee Lama said that the tippers reached Hilsa after locals removed snow taken place at Nara and Yari hill on the third week of November and brought the goods.

Lama shared that the tippers carrying daily essentials, food grains, clothes were parked in Hilsa last year after the border closure following coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 12 vehicles brought the goods from China r reaching Hilsa for the first time after lockdown. Namkha rural municipality had taken initiatives to bring goods from China at coordination of Chinese Embassy to address the demand of locals of ward no 1 to 5 of the rural municipality.
The Chinese goods have reached Hilsa via Taklakot of China.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,