Surkhet-Kohalpur Transmission Line Construction Begins, To Be Complete In Two Years

The construction work of Surkhet- Kohalpur 132 kV electricity transmission line has been begun.

The foundation stone for the tower has been laid in Kohalpur, Banke on 17 August.

The project has informed that a survey for the project had been begun a year earlier.

Project head Ravi Kumar Chaudhary informed that the construction work of the foundation has been started.

He claimed that the 132 kV transmission line will be completed within two years.

According to him, the survey for compensation, cutting trees, has been completed and sent to the ministry for approval.

Further development will take place once approved by the cabinet.

He said that process of providing compensation will be continued as 90 percent of the area is covered by forest and 10 per cent of individual land.

He said that a sub-committee has been formed for this purpose.

There will be 161 towers from Surkhet to Kohalpur.

The budget of Rs. 700 million is allocated for the project.

There is a transmission line of 33 kV in Surkhet at present.

Source : TRN,