Sustainability Of Party Depends On Its Function: Senior Leader Rai

Senior leader of the People’s Socialist Party, Ashok Rai, has said the party’s health remains good if it continues activities. Addressing a party gathering organized here on Monday, senior leader Rai viewed a party becomes successful by carrying out the activities on time and becoming dynamic.

He also stressed on proper plan and programmes and address to people’s problem. His party has launched the ‘make party clean campaign’. The campaign to keep intact party’s image clean must be continued, Rai underscored.

On a different note, leader Rai urged the party leaders and cadres to utilize the present opportunity considering that the party is one of the ruling alliances in the federal and province governments.

The programme was also addressed by leader and former minister Hishila Yami, central member and Minister of Hydro Resources in Gandaki Province government, Hari Sharan Acharya, and former minister Shiva Lal Thapa, among others.

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