Tamakoshi Stops Testing Of Project

Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectricity Project has stopped the testing of the civil and hydro mechanical structures after a manhole in one of the penstock pipes started leaking.
A horizontal penstock pipe connecting the 373 metre lower vertical and 310 metre upper vertical shafts has started leaking through a manhole, said Dr. Ganesh Neupane, Spokesperson of the project.
The lid of the manhole was not fitted properly. Currently, technicians are adjusting the plates of the lid which were not properly attached to the bolts.
According to Neupane, such problems during the testing of a hydroelectricity project are common and it would be resolved by Friday. “Water would be sent through the tunnel from Saturday,” he said.
The project at Bigu Rural Municipality of Dolakha district is completed after 10 years since the starting of the construction. It started the testing of the tunnel and equipment from April 29, and testing of MSOV to vertical shaft is completed.
The project was delayed as it faced challenge to make the tunnel and install penstock pipes in the 90 degree upper and lower tunnel.
About 1165 metre penstock pipe is installed at the project. However, there is no problem in both of the vertical shafts.
Following the maintenance of the manhole, the remaining 8-km long tunnel would also be filled with water.
Dr. Neupane said that the project would begin to start production of about 67 megawatt of electricity by the end of May.
The project has six units with 76 MW capacity each.