Tamghas 3D Park Turns Into Dumping Site

The 3D park of Tamghas, which was constructed at a cost of Rs. 5.5 million, has become a dumping site due to apathy of the authority.
The park was constructed with 50-50 per cent partnership between Resunga Municipality and Lumbini Provincial government.
Even after two years of its construction, the authority has shown no interest in its management.
Due to the mismanagement, the structures that have been built have also started deteriorating, locals alleged. The entrance gate of the park is already broken.
The entire park is hardly-ever cleaned and over time has been converted into a dumping and defecating site, said locals.
Since there is no one to look after the park, visitors are found doing whatever they want without any restrictions.
“The site, formerly known as Lakuri Manch, has lost its identity. It is unfortunate that the park has not been able to establish its identity for a long time,” said Padam Pandey, chairman of Gulmi Civil Society.
According to him, the Lakuri Manch had a historical significance, where various unions, organizations and political parties used to stand together to warn the government for balanced service delivery and play the role of a watchdog.
Pandey said the authority had made a wrong decision to construct the park by ignoring its original identity. The local representatives have misused the state’s money for their personal interests. And now they have abandoned the park, he added.
He also stressed on the need to restore the park as Lakuri Manch.
Pandey argues that those who envisioned the park should be held accountable.
Meanwhile, Chief District Officer of Gulmi Rudra Devi Sharma said that she would obtain detailed information about its operation.
Locals claimed that despite several complaints no action had been taken. Mayor of Resunga Municipality Dilliraj Bhusal said the ward chairman and the chairman of the consumer committee were not serious about the park management.
Bhusal said the ward chairman Bharat Balami first proposed to construct the park. So the municipality released a budget according to his proposal.
He said that it was unfortunate that the consumer committee did not hand over the park to the municipality.
Bhusal said they would take over the park if the consumer committee continued to remain apathetic.
Ward Chairman of Resunga Municipality-8 Balami said that the mayor could not escape from the situation by blaming others.
Since the park was constructed from the municipal level, it should be operated with the support of all, he added. Balami said the project was constructed with a partnership of the municipality and provincial government.

Source : TRN,