Tamu Society UK Provides Rs 1.125 Million In Aid Of COVID-19 Patients

The Tamu Society UK has provided Rs 1.125 million in support of the COVID-19 affected people in Nepal. The philanthropic organisation supported the National Innovation Centre set up by Mahabir Pun. It provided Rs 525 thousand to the Centre.

Likewise, the Society has supported Rs 300 thousand each to the foundation set up by media person Rabi Lamichhane and the organisation founded by health worker and writer Radha Poudel, said Chitra Gurung, the founding president of the Society. This amount was collected by the Society through its fund raising campaign.

The Society had also donated PPEs worth 1,000 Pound Sterling to a government hospital in London after the outbreak of the pandemic.

It also distributed PPEs to the elderly Nepali population living in Britain and helped the Nepali students as well as distributed food stuff to some 300 Nepalis losing job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Tanahu Society UK has provided more than Rs 808 thousand 640 to the COVID-19 Crisis Management Mega Campaign initiated by the Tanahu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Nepal.

The Chamber has already distributed health materials worth one million to the local levels, hospitals and security personnel in Tanahu district in the fight against the pandemic.

Source : RSS,