Tarakhola Rural Municipality Initiates Managing Stone Mines

Tarakhola rural municipality has started managing its stone mines as an important source of income.

The rural municipality is working to remove legal hurdles regarding the operation of stone mines.

So far the local level have not been able to manage stone mines and widen the scope of tax in lack of the laws. Tarakhola chairperson Prakash Gharti shared that the rural municipality is formulating a local bill to this effect in consistent with the federal Act to manage natural resources.

The rural municipality on Tuesday conducted a special village assembly as part of its preparation for formulating a bill to that end.

The rural municipality is introducing the ‘Bill on managing environment and natural resources at local level’ in a way that it would not contravene to the federal and state governments.

Chairperson Gharti further noted that the rural municipality has not been able to increase tax by managing its 50 stone mines in absence of governing laws. Annual revenue worth amounting to Rs 10 million has not been raised for not being able to govern stone mines registration, renewal and tax collection in lack of the laws.

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