Teaching hospitals urged to reserve one-third beds for Corona virus patients

The Ministry of Health and Population has urged the teaching hospitals to reserve one-third beds of their total capacity for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The spokesperson at the Ministry Dr Jageshwor Gautam today made this request to the teaching hospitals in the country realizing the increasing threat of Coronavirus infection in the country of late.

He added that the teaching hospitals should manage separate building or units for keeping COVID-19 patients allocating one-third beds from total bed numbers in the respective hospitals.

The Ministry has again urged all not to organize and addend any kind of seminars, workshops or public gatherings unless another notice or due permission from the Ministry. Spokesperson Gautam on another note has appealed all not to misbehave to health workers in this critical hour, adding that the doctors and health workers are providing health services in such pandemic situation minimizing the risk.

Such incidents of misbehaving to health workers were reported lately and such wrongdoers should be punished, Dr Gautam added.