Ten Lawmakers Of Province 1 Verify For CPN (Unified Socialist), UML-Led Govt Loses Majority

As many as 10 lawmakers of the Province 1 have verified for CPN (Unified Socialist) deserting the CPN (UML) today.

Lawmakers Rajendra Kumar Rai, Ganesh Kangbang, Krishna Kumari Rai, Rajan Rai, Upendra Ghimire, Sarita Thapa, Khinu Langwa Limbu, Padam Kumari Gurung, Sabitra Kumari Regmi and Sunita Chaudhari reached the provincial election office of the Election Commission to verify their names and signatures for the newly formed CPN (Unified Socialist).

Talking to the reporters after verifying their names for the Unified Socialist, Rajendra Kumar Rai, lawmaker and also a central committee member of the CPN (Unified Socialist), said that a new provincial government will be formed by the coalition parties and that the government led by lawmaker and UML leader Bhima Acharya has fallen to the minority.

“It is better for Acharya to resign from the post on account of political morality as his party has already lost majority and there is no chance for supporting him from our coalition,” he said.

With the ten lawmakers of the UML opting for the Unified Socialist, the UML has now only 41 lawmakers in the 93-member assembly.

Source : TRN,