The monastery that can’t be renovated

The Halji Phukden Rinjin Ling Monastery in Halji village, Namkha Rural Municipality–6, Humla is unlike any other religious structure in the country in that it can neither be rebuilt nor renovated. This has made preserving the 11th century monastery very difficult.

It is believed that new constructions should not be carried out in monasteries which house the main idol of the community, otherwise bad things will happen. Ward chairman Paljor Tamang worried that this belief could lead to the collapse and disappearance of the 1,000-year-old heritage.

“A year ago, the Department of Archaeology provided Rs. 4 million to renovate the monastery. But all we could do was cover the structure with plastic and put up wooden supports,” Tamang said. “We cannot go against the sentiments of the people but we also have to take steps to protect our monument.”

The monastery contains many ancient statues, documents and inscriptions in Tibetan languages.

Source : TRN,