Therapeutic Music Workshop On Self Worth

A music therapist by profession, Shreeti Pradhan is a performer with an ability to mesmerize every single person present in the audience the moment they hear her sing.

With a celestial vocal timbre, great range, brilliant falsetto tone, the most effortless execution and majestic songwriting abilities, Pradhan is one strong feminine entity harvesting from the art-music scene of Kathmandu.

I literally had the privilege to witness her audience experiencing an epiphany during her live set in Jhamsikhel-based Evoke Café and Bistro; where later the person reaching out to her claimed they cried hearing her music for the time that day.

Currently, a disciple of Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, affiliated with Kathmandu University; Pradhan likes to address herself as an art practitioner inspired by contemplative practice. The singer credits her educational background to further persuade her experiences and aesthetic vision as an ever-growing inter-disciplinary creator.

Whilst balancing her professional life as a therapeutic art expert specializing with conceptions of trauma and wellbeing on young adults and women. Pradhan is an aspiring musical figure with a vast body of her solo work, collaborations with different artists/ art mediums, compositions for movies, plays, trailers, meditative sessions and more easily available on all major platforms.

Furthermore, Shreeti is designing a short stage adaptation of a repertoire, which she developed herself and plans to demonstrate in Kathmandu from 2022. The repertoire encompasses “reflexive, somatic-contemplative practices which are enacted through the mediums of breath, body and movement. These conceptual explorations focus on motifs like effect, femininity and interconnectedness.”

In addition, she is also curating a related therapeutic self-care program targeting young adults and women, inaugurating from mid-2021. With a strong inclination in music from a tender age, her debut recording was on a child rights song on Radio Nepal when she was just 11. Ever since then art has remained the primary source of self-reflection and discovery in her life.

As a part of her Music Therapy Workshop sessions, Pradhan presents the opportunity to explore along with her the ideas of ‘self-worth’ through Therapeutic Songwriting online courses. Held throughout the Wednesdays of July, the theme of the sessions revolve around self-worth as the singer strongly believes in rediscovering its facets, one can learn self-compassion, and with time learn to value ourselves and gradually regenerate positive relationships with people around.

Facilitated through Zoom Cloud Meetings from 5-7 pm, interested people are urged to apply to form online forms available on the artist’s social media handles. So, do check out her music, follow her on social media outlets and contact her at [email protected] in case of any further queries.

Source : TRN,