Thinking Positive During Pandemic

Smriti Regmi

Our inner feelings have their bearings on our overall personality. Positive vibes inside us make an impact on our external behaviour and has its reflection on our individual image. Our thinking is a very important aspect of our whole life, happiness and well-being.
Everything has its positive and negative sides. However, we need to look at things positively to make our life successful. Though it sounds like a common topic, this issue has a very deep effect on our life. A person filled with positive feelings and vibration looks at things positively. Such as person remains focused on their work while people enjoy talking with such a person and feel motivated to spend time with him/her.

Positve Mindset
People who are positive and cheerful do have problems and obstacles in their life. But they have an attitude that helps them tackle such challenges in life. Positive people keep the focus on the positive sides of life and they always learn from their mistakes. They skip the things which make them sad and feel low.
However, many people all over the world are filled with anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. In such a situation, we have to try to keep ourselves happy and maintain a habit of doing positive things. In every aspect, there is merits and demerits. Though the current pandemic carries lots of demerits, it also has its merits too. It has opened up the opportunity for online job and online business. Online marketing is increasing and many people advertise their products just by staying at home.
In this time, we can create and develop our skills for our personal and financial benefits. We can learn to read or write books, read a magazine, read a novel and learn to do typing. Other skills such as sewing clothes, learn a different language and many others can be developed during this difficult time.
To make ourselves positive in this period we can watch motivational videos, motivational movies and read various life-improving quotes etc. We also can talk with our friends and share our problems. We can also do virtual class and learn many more things and make ourselves strong and motivated.
This pandemic has made us learn many things that we need to know and be able to improve our personnel hygiene. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, we were careless about our hygiene. This pandemic also let us time to spend our valuable time with our families. The most important thing we feel in this pandemic is that how much we are polluting our environment. So this pandemic also let us feel about the pollution of cities caused by vehicles and transportation.
A positive attitude makes us happy from the inside and increases the success rates of our endeavours. Having a positive attitude makes everyone happy, healthier and helps us maintain good relationships in the communities, society and with friends. Some tricks and tips for a positive lifestyle are-
1.Fulfill your mind with positive thought and feelings. 2.Always give your brain information that, I can do……..I can do……I can do 3. Talk always positive…. Think always positive 4.Encourage yourself and surround yourself with people having positive thoughts. 5.Do meditation and yoga

Tackling Frustration
As social media coverage is increasing day by day, one should always try posting positive thought and inspirational feelings. Your posts affect others too, and you also try watching positive sides and try skipping negative thoughts, especially now in this pandemic period. Many people are staying in isolation and are frustrated. It does not mean hiding the bad part of the COVID-19. We have to try to encourage and motivate many people around us with our positive talks and outlook.
For maintaining a positive spirit in us, we need to focus on doing yoga, pranayama and meditation. Yoga makes us physically and mentally fit inside. It heals us, many of the diseases are healed by yoga, meditation keeps us mentally fit and energizes us.
Lastly, in this world, no person is perfect and not everyone’s desires are fulfilled. Happiness is not bought through money. Focusing on what you have but do not focus on what you do not have makes yourself strong from the inside. Certainly, a day will come when this pandemic will end. As Scientists are working to find ways and treatment to end the dreaded disease. Till the day they find the treatment, we need to stay positive that would help us tackle all our challenges.