Third Edition Of Karnali Festival Begins

The Third Edition of Karnali Festival has kicked off from Friday at Bulbule in Birendranagar.
The third edition of the Karnali Festival has started with the slogan “Kuda Karnali” with the aim of getting to know and identify Karnali along with debating on various issues of Karnali calling the festival as the festival of thoughts.

Inaugurating the Karnali Festival, Karnali Province Assembly Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi said that the festival would guide the provincial government to achieve its target of prosperous Karnali.
He added that a question regarding the hereditary of Karnali representation in a proper way has emerged. He suggested reaching the ground level people with a message on how development could be accelerated without abandoning originality and tradition.

He said, “It’s our dream to achieve a prosperous Karnali. It is necessary to be aware of the dimensions of the development and the possibilities at the people’s level and to reach the policy making level. It will help create a bond between policy makers and citizens and disseminate the message on how we can be prosperous.”

Delivering her welcome speech, Deputy Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality Mohan Maya Dhakal said that they were working for the development of Karnali.
She said that everyone’s help and contribution were necessary in order to develop Karnali province and the festival would be a step towards this.

Karnali festival coordinator Kamal Raj Lamsal said the festival has been organised with the motto of ‘thoughts for the development.’

Source : TRN,