Third Nepali confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19

  • March 25, 2020

The third case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Nepal. The government has said it will issue a press release to give official details about the new case.

At this point, the government’s sluggish pace in informing the public about new cases or updates is a tad bit concerning.

Moreover, numerous calls at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital went unanswered.

The sample of the third new case was sent for test by Sukraraj Hospital.

As of today, 687 samples have been tested and mong them 684 have tested negative. One person infected with COVID-19 has recovered while two others have been kept in isolation.

The COVID-19 hotlines are only for information regarding the symptoms and precautions against the virus. These hotlines are not for updates regarding new confirmed cases.