Third-Wave Could Be Frightening As Infection Rate Is High: Public Health Experts

Public health experts have warned that the infection could increase rapidly if health safety standards are not strictly followed after the relaxation of the prohibitory order.

They said that the new mutation in the Delta variant seen in Nepal is more contagious and the government needs to tighten health care standards when the second wave is not over yet.

According to the World Health Organization, an infection rate of more than 5 per cent is considered as high risk. There are statistics that the infection rate in Nepal is around 20 to 25 per cent more than the standards of the WHO.

They have argued that the infection will be frightening as the prohibitory order has been relaxed by ignoring such statistics.

In this regard, public health expert, Kedar Baral claimed that the infection would spread in a few weeks if the situation remained the same.

He clarified that the corona testing areas should be extended to identify the infected and those who have come in contact with them and keep them in isolation, but this has not happened.

“The COVID-19 infection rate has gradually weakened since the prohibitory order was first issued, but now after the prohibitory order relaxation the increase in corona infection rates have confirmed that the corona infection is still prevalent in society,” he said.

Public Health Specialist and Director of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH) Teku Dr Anup Bastola also said that the rate of infection has been increasing in recent days and due to non-compliance with health safety standards, corona infection may increase in the coming days.

He said that the number of patients in the ICU of the hospital is increasing.

Similarly, Professor Doctor and public health expert Sujan Babu Marahattha, said that the principle of corona prevention is to separate the healthy, the suspicious and the infected, but the infection may increase due to the combination of these three after the ban.

Source : TRN,