This govt enjoys rare support: DPM Shrestha

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said that the current government, which has obtained an extraordinary majority, wants to move forward with the agreement and unity of all parties on the main issues of the nation.

He said that it was rare and historic to give confidence and support to the government from the opposition parties as well.

“The unexpected support received by the government has also proved that the government will receive cooperation and support for the remaining tasks of the peace process related to transitional justice in matters of protecting national independence, achieving the goal of prosperity with social justice,” added Shrestha.

“We are committed to move forward together with all political parties and social forces with policy clarity for the welfare of nation.”

DPM Shrestha said so while addressing the ceremony held to mark the 20th anniversary of Maoist foundation at Gauridanda, in Bardibas -3, Mahottari distict, on Wednesday.

He shared his experience that the goal of prosperity and development will not be achieved until good governance is established. After he became a minister, he informed that he started good governance by ending the tradition of ‘files being stuck’ in the ministries.

“There is no reason why the file does not move from one place. The customers are suffering, and their work are being interrupted.”

He warned that although the role of businessperson is vital in construction for the development and prosperity of the country, the government would not sit idly by if any work is carried out on private interests which causes loss to the nation.

Minister Shrestha, who is also the guardian of the Maoist foundation established in Gauridanda of Bardibas, viewed that this foundation is a commune-oriented organisation, which is a platform for practicing collective life.

According to him, those who practice life in the foundation should be experts in revolution.

In addition to that, DPM Shrestha informed that certain criteria, including readiness to collectivise one’s physical property, revolutionary conduct, readiness to do collective labor and the practice of socialist progressive values, would lead the foundation to the goal of the commune.

Around 36 people from 13 families, including former minister Girirajmani Pokharel, are practicing the commune in the foundation of Gauridada, which was established in 2003.

Source : TRN,