Three Foreign Nationals Arrested With Cocaine Worth Rs. 90 Million

The police have arrested three foreign nationals with Cocaine worth Rs. 90 million. A team of Narcotic Control Bureau has arrested the three foreign nationals.

Spokesperson of the Bureau Jiban Shrestha told The TRN Online that the arrested were a South African, an Indian, and a Tanzanian national.

According to the Bureau, South African citizen Sirle Gama was arrested with 2.966 KG Cocaine from Kamaladi, Kathmandu. Gama arrived in Nepal on 19 August via Qutar Airlines from Capetown. 

Following special information, Indian citizen Bijaya Singh was arrested by Bureau on 24 August from Kamaladi. Tanzanian citizen Gertrud Lionard Kimaro was arrested by the Bureau while he was fleeing to India from Khurkot of Sindhuli. 

Source : TRN,