Three idols stolen from Bhimsen temple of Bhaktapur

Three idols –Dropada, Bhimsen and Ganesha–were stolen from Bhimsen temple at Bhelukhel of Bhaktapur Municipality-5 yesterday night. The temple is one of the most famous temples in Bhaktapur where a big fair is held every year during Bisket Jatra.

Kumar Chawal, chairman of the Bhimsen Tole Reform Committee, said the idols were stolen after intruders broke open the main gate of the temple.

The priest of the temple Mangalmaya Badhikar was the first to know about the theft. As soon as they got the news, they looked around the temple premises but did not find the statues.

According to the former principal of Aadarsh Ajad Secondary School, which is nearby the temple, the idols had been stolen before too in 2051 BS. “After the theft, the devotees had bought the idol at personal expense,” said Laxmi Prasad Dhukuchu.

Police have been informed of the incident and are in search of the suspects.