Three Killed Due To Flood, Landslide

Three people have died and two have gone missing due to the flood and landslide in various parts of Darchula district.
The flooding and landslip occurred following incessant rain on Sunday night has damaged the physical infrastructures as well as human casualties in various places of Duhun rural municipality and Mahakali municipality.

Narsingh Mahar and his wife Kausha Mahar were killed when landslide buried their house at Baspalika of Duhun rural municipality. The landslide occurred in the night when the couple was asleep, Deputy Superintendent of Police Manohar Prasad Bhatta said.

Similarly, Manuwa Dadal was killed due to flood at Dulla of Duhun rural municipality-5. The flood in the local Kalagad rivulet which occurred at around 10 pm swept away Dadal’s house.

The flood has also damaged bridges, micro hydropower plants, and watermill. Cattle also perished due to the flooding. The flood damaged five shops, two hydropoerr projects, four suspension bridges and a cement and concrete bridge in the area.

Similarly, two pople have gone missing after they were swept away by flood at Nijanggad, Ward No 3 of the rural municipality. Those missing are Sher Singh Karki and Harak Singh Karki.

The flooded Nijanggad rivulet has washed away and damaged an RCC bridge and two suspension bridges on the Darchula-Tinkar road section.

Source : RSS,