Three More Nepalis Die From COVID-19 In Foreign Land

Three more Nepalis have died from COVID-19 in the foreign land. One death from the infection has been reported in the United Kingdom this week and two in Portugal, according to the Non-Resident Nepali Association. As of Saturday evening, 53,385 Nepalis in various 50 countries contracted the deadly virus, said Sanjib Sapkota, coordinator of the health committee of the NRNA.

Of them, 50,656 have got recovery. The recovery rate is 94 percent. This week, additional infection cases among Nepalis living in Spain, Poland, Japan, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar occurred, said Chiran Sharma, press coordinator of the NRN COVID-19 High-Level Committee.

Similarly, the infection took the lives of 1,870 people in Nepal with an infection caseload of 261,438. Of the infected, 253,857 have got over the virus, which is 97.1 percent recovery rate.

There have been possibilities to import COVID-19 vaccines to Nepal by coming April, said Sapkota.

Meanwhile, the medicine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna, Sinopharm, Oxford University and AstraZeneca have reportedly got permission for administering infected people. Administering the vaccines to the infected people in various countries is underway, it has been said.

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