Three Wellbeing Centers Set Up In Kavre

Three citizen wellbeing centers have been set up in three places of two municipalities and a rural municipality to implement the policy for building a healthy Nepal.

The centers have been established in Panauti and Mandandeupur municipalities and Bhumlu rural municipality.

In order to develop disease resistance capacity of Nepalese people by promoting nature-friendly healthy life style, the government had come up with a policy fo establish citizen wellbeing centers at health facility in all local levels.

The three local levels were chosen as per the decision of establishing wellbeing centers in 298 local levels across the country in the first phase.

Chief of District Ayurveda Health Centre Dr Manoj Kumar Chaudhary said the well centres would provide treatment of minor diseases, run classes for yoga exercise and make the locals aware of the use of local medicinal herbs.

The federal government would provide different 22 types of Ayurvedic medicines free of cost.

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