Thulung Dudhkoshi Launches Online Service

Thulung Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality has put in place an electronic revenue payment system. The online system was brought into practice so as to ease the people for the payment of tax, revenues and fees such as land, house rent, vehicle, business, land revenue and property tax.

Thulung rural municipality chairperson Asim Rai informed that they have launched a ‘taxpayer portal’ to provide the services through online mechanism. With the service in to effect, citizens can now pay the taxes from their home.

Through the system, the service seekers who have been registered as taxpayers in the rural municipality can access their personal details, property details, business details and tax settlement details.

According to the rural municipality, the payment process of taxes such as land tax, house rent, vehicle tax, business tax, land revenue and property tax as well as fees can now be done through online system.

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