Tihar Festival Begins

Tihar, which is the festival of lights and flower among other things, is beginning from Wednesday.
Also known as Yamapanchak, it is being celebrated from Trayodashi of Kartik to Dwitiya of Kartik Sukla Paksha, or from November 3 to 6.
In addition to a bird and a couple of animals, goddess Laxmi and brothers (Bhai) are worshipped during the Yamapanchak. Crows, dogs and cows are worshipped on the first, second and third day respectively.
Normally, the festival is celebrated for five days, but this year it is being celebrated only for four days.
This year, crows and dogs will be worshipped on the same day on Wednesday, cow and Mha puja falls on the same day on Friday and cow and Bhai Tika falls on the same day on Saturday.
Kaag Tihar and Kukur Tihar falls on November 3. Laxmi Puja on November 4, Gai Puja, Govardan Puja, Hali Puja, and Mha Puja on November 5 and Bhai Tika and Kija Puja on November 6.
On the first day of Yamapanchak, a crow is worshipped as a messenger of god. Then, on the second, a dog is worshipped by offering good food and decorated with garlands. Many People keep dog at their houses as a care taker.
The day of Laxmi puja, which is considered very important for each Hindu household, is celebrated by worshipping goddess Laxmi. People light oil-fed lamps and keep vigil the whole night in the belief that the goddess visits the homes during the night.
Girls and boys visit homes in groups to play Bhaili, singing songs and playing musical instruments. People give them money, selroti, in return.
There is the tradition to celebrate Mha puja in the Newar community. It is a unique ritual in which the people worship themselves.
The final day of Yamapanchak is Bhai Tika. The day brings brother and sisters together. On the day, sisters put seven-coloured Tika on the brothers’ forehead, garlands of Makhamali around the neck and offer fruits, sweets and nuts to them.
Sisters wish for the longevity and success of their brothers’ lives. Brothers also offer gifts, like money, clothes, among other things, to their sisters.

Source : TRN, Photo : TRN,