‘Time card’ in public hospitals

The Ministry of Health and Population is set to enforce ‘time card’ in all public hospitals across the country.

The new system will be put in place to provide with public hospital services in the stipulated time. It is included in the integrated action plan to implement the government’s common minimum programme prepared by the line ministry.

The action plan also incorporates an arrangement to implement electronic medical record system in a way to effectively deliver services, including online ticketing and referral through digital system in all federal and province hospitals.

Likewise, the action plan has come up with a measure to keep health service charge uniformed at all hospitals operated under the federal domain.

It has also put forth a plan to strengthen capacity of Nepal Aushadi Limited, a government undertaking, to manufacture different 98 medicines required for basic health service delivery as per the spirit of ‘Make in Nepal’.

Similarly, the ministry has come up with a programme ‘one doctor, one health worker’ in three big hospitals, including Bit Hospital, Paropakar Maternity Hospital and Kanti Child Hospital. The programme would come effect in the hospitals soon. (RSS)