Tourism, Agriculture Bases Of Prosperity: CM Pokhrel

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokhrel, has said tourism and agriculture are the bases of prosperity in province.

Jhyalbas-Dedhgau roadway has been prioritized to take together the development of tourism and agriculture, he said, reminding that this roadway would be a lifeline in the province, as it connects the northern and southern borders of the province.

The north-south roadway development would help Nepal boost tourism in province, the CM argued.

He informed that study was underway to ensure long lasting solution to problems of landslides in hilly area, floods in southern plains and erosion caused by the Narayani River.

Tourism could be boosted by controlling the Narayani river erosion, according to him.

The CM was also for the modernization of agriculture. Attraction of youths in agriculture could help modernize agriculture.

Meanwhile, CM Pokhrel has been handed over a common concept of development prepared by the seven active political parties in the district.

Source : RSS,