Tourism Minister Bhattarai inspects Pokhara airport

  • August 29, 2019

Newly elected Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattari inspects the airport at Pokhara

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai arrived in Pokhara on Wednesday to here to inspect projects and programmes implemented towards the overall development of tourism within Pokhara Valley. It was Minister Bhattarai’s first visit to the ‘city of lakes’ since his induction.

He inspected the under construction Regional International Airport and Fewa Lake water catchment area and held a meeting with local  stakeholders and tourism entrepreneurs.

During the meeting, Minister Bhattarai urged tourism entrepreneurs to spread positive message to the visitors so as to lure more tourists.

He said that Pokhara could be beautified additionally by enhancing productive activities and linking them with locals.

He expressed his confidence that the construction of the Regional International Airport would be completed six months before the given deadline.

“I am very happy that all works here are going on quite smoothly,” he said, adding that upon completion of the airport, the planes would carry not only passengers but also goods produced here.

After inspecting the construction work at the airport, Minister Bhattarai reached the Fewa Lake and urged the locals to return the land that lies under the water to the government. Almost 1,000 people still possess land-owner certificates even though their land is now under the water.

“The government will not let the locals face any trouble and disadvantage,” he said. “It will give special focus to those who have sacrificed for the development activities.”

During a meeting with the tourism entrepreneurs, Minister Bhattarai committed to making Pokhara one of the most developed and income generating areas in the near future.

On the occasion, Pokhara Tourism Council’s chair Chiranjivi Pokharel handed over 11-point demands to the Minister seeking special support from the Federal Government.