Tourists Visiting Phungphunge Homestays Up

In an effort to lure domestic tourists to Temba in Mikwakhola Rural Municipality-4 in Taplejung district, homestays were brought into operation a year ago, when Nepal was under Covid-related lockdown.
These homestays are now basking in the glory of success as more and more domestic tourists are thronging there, raising hopes that the tourism industry which bore the maximum brunt of the pandemic will revive to its former glory.
Chairman of the Fungphunge Community Homestay Steering Committee, Bijay Limbu, said that the recent influx of domestic tourists has raised hope and enthusiasm among the homestay operators.
Hundreds of tourists, especially from eastern districts like Taplegung, Panchthar and Tehrathum, throng the place.
Homestay operator Santosh Limbu informed that homestay service had been provided by half a dozen houses in the area.
The visitors are especially attracted to the natural scenery, including Phungphunge Waterfall, as well as the art showing Limbu community’s culture. In addition, many come to see cardamom farms, which abound the district, he added.
According to Santa Kumar Limbu, another homestay operator, the guests are shown the original culture of Limbu community such as yaslang (rice dance), keslang (chabrung dance), and yeshbalang (bijuwa dance).
Limbu, who is also the chairman of the board of directors, said the homestay were more service-oriented than commercial.
The number of tourists visiting the place has been gradually rising after the government promoted Phungphunge Waterfall by listing it in the tourist destinations’ list and by constructing the road leading to the waterfall, which can be reached in about three-and-a-half hours from the district headquarters Phungling via Dobhan Bazaar, Santhakra and Thuki of Meringden village.
The waterfall can be reached by jeeps, taxis or motorcycles.