Traffic Police Now Can Confirm Fake License On The Spot

Aren’t you driving with a fake license? Be careful, from now on, the traffic police have started an on-the-spot check through a mobile application.
Amidst a special function organised at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) made public a mobile app to control the use of fake drivers’ licenses and handed it over to the Division on Monday.

Director General of the Traffic Management Department Namaraj Ghimire handed over the License Verification Mobile Application to the Chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division and Senior Superintendent of Police Umesh Raj Joshi.

Speaking on the occasion, Director General Ghimire said that the special QR code in the one-year probationary license can be easily identified by the traffic police by scanning it through mobile app.
He also said that there is a provision to revoke the license if there is a record of violating traffic rules more than five times during the one-year trial period.

Chief of the Division, SSP Joshi, said that the traffic police could immediately verify the license through the on-the-spot mobile app as there was no such technology for verification in the past.
He stressed that the license check system would be easy, simple and effective using the developed technology as the risk of accidents would also increase when fake license holders drive.
He expressed the belief that if some people drive with fake licenses, such people will not be able to escape from the legal boundary and the use of fake licenses will also be controlled.

How does the app works?

The trial license issued by the Department is verified through a special type of mobile app. The QR in the license is scanned through this app and the license is verified.
They will be able to verify the on-the-spot license during the check by installing it on the mobiles of the traffic police working in the Valley. The full details of the license can be obtained by scanning the QR in
this app.

Source : TRN,