Transportation Grant Enables Farmers To Access Market For Apples In Bajura

Farmers in the northeast region of the Barjura district have been elated as they have been provided transportation grants for the apples to access the market.

The farmers are now able to bring their apples to the Martadi market.

There were difficulties for farmers to bring apples as the roads were blocked due to landslides and floods that occurred in the rainy season.

The Agriculture Knowledge Center of Bajura provided the apple farmers with a transportation grant.

According to the apple farmers of Bhudhinanda Municipality, the difficulty to carry apples to the market was created after the road section at Martadi-Kolti which got damaged in the rainy season was not yet repaired and made operational.

The locals informed that the Agriculture Knowledge Center had provided a grant to transport apples using donkeys to different markets of Bajura.

The apple farmers had also received grants to supply apples to the different areas of Bajura last year.

The Agriculture Knowledge Center informed that farmers started to earn in lakhs after getting transportation grants.

Chief of District Agriculture Knowledge Center, Bajura, Govinda Sijapati, said that farmers have been provided with Rs 442,500 to transport apples from the orchard to the main road.

Source : TRN,