Tripartite Coordination Stressed For Education Reform

Coordination and collaboration among students, teachers and parents is required for bringing about improvement in the quality of education.

Inaugurating the town education conference organised by the Dhangadhimai Municipality of Siraha, Former Minister for Education and Science and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokharel stressed on this tripartite coordination.

He said teachers alone could not bring about qualitative improvement in education and hence there needs to be coordination and collaboration among students, teachers and parents.

He said education development has weakened due to the political interference in the school management committees. The quality of education has also diminished as the community is still to internalize its responsibility to education.

Stating that education quality and good governance could not be maintained unless the schools were made technology-friendly, he stressed on linking education to skills, skill to labour and labour to the national economy.

Dhangadhimai Municipality mayor Hari Narayan Chaudhary chaired the programme which also issued a 25-point ‘Town Education Declaration 2021’.

Thirty three community schools, 23 institutional schools and six religious schools in the municipality participated in the conference.

Source : RSS,