Truck-hit kills Nepali kid in New York

  • January 8, 2020

NYPD Highway Officers and Department of Sanitation Safety Officers are seen near a trash hauler that struck a mother and son, killing the boy. (Luiz C. Ribeiro/for New York Daily News)

A Nepali child died in New York of the United States after he was hit by a truck on Tuesday morning. His mother Meena was seriously injured in the incident.

10-year-old Srijan Panthi died after he was hit by a garbage truck in New York. The mother and son were rushed to the local Elmhurst Hospital immediately after the incident. Srijan breathed his last during the course of treatment.

Meena Panthi and her son Srijan Panthi were struck by a sanitation truck this morning on 57th Ave. near 97th St., in Corona, Queens. Meena is expected to survive, while Srijan died from his injuries at Elmhurst Hospital. (Photo: Daily News)

It has been reported that the truck had hit the kid in the head while Meena’s foot had gotten under the truck’s tyre. Though Meena had tried to reach her son and save him, she couldn’t move because her leg was already broken.

Meena was on her way to drop her son to the school when the incident occurred.