TSC To Conduct Teachers License Exams

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) is now preparing to conduct license examinations for permanent teachers in community schools across the country.
The commission has not conducted the examinations for about two years in lack of officials. The present government appointed officials in the TSC on August 3.

The TSC has begun its exercise to conduct the examinations of permanent teaching licence of fresh graduates eagerly waiting for the examinations to take a career in teaching.
Likewise, soon after completing the license examinations, the TSC will conduct examinations to appoint permanent teachers.
Madhu Prasad Regmi, chairman of the TSC, said the TSC would try its best to conduct the licence examinations by coming September. “Soon after publishing the results of the licence examinations’ result, we will conduct examinations to select permanent teachers,” he added.

According to a report of the Centre for Education Human Resource Development (CEHRD) published in April this year, posts of 12, 000 teachers have fallen vacant. The CEHRD has asked the Education Development and Coordination Unit (EDCU) across the country to send the updated list of the vacant posts.

The centre issued a notice on Monday after the TSC asked the updated list of required permanent teachers. There may be almost 15,000 vacant posts of permanent teachers till now, Regmi said.
Chairman Regmi said the TSC would also initiate a process to promote teachers, as promotion of school teachers has also been halted in lack of officials at the TSC. The commission’s work was paralysed in lack of chairman and members, now it will take a pace, said Regmi.

The government has appointed Madhu Prasad Regmi as chairman Dilli Ram Rimal and Nanda Kumari Maharjan as members of the Commission.

Source : TRN,