Two Bodies Of Climbers Lying In Mt. Everest Brought To Kathmandu For Cremation

Two bodies lying in the fourth camp of Mt. Everest have been brought to Kathmandu and cremated.

Himanshu Khadka, brigadier general of the Nepali Army, informed that Sherpa guides mobilised under Clean Himalaya Campaign 2021 brought the bodies to the base camp from the fourth camp located at 8,000 meter and then the bodies were airlifted from the base camp to Kathmandu for cremation.

He said that body of a US climber Christopher Kulish, 62, who died in 2019 while returning from atop the highest peak, and body of an unidentified climber were brought to Kathmandu for cremation.

Sherpa guides say that there are over a dozen bodies lying above the third camp of Mt. Everest.

According to regulation related to mountaineering, concerned expedition agency should manage the bodies of the workers and climbers if they die in course of climbing. However, slackness on the part of Nepal Tourism Board to regulate and take action against concerned agency despite information of deaths, bodies are seen scattering in the Himalayas.

Just two years back, four bodies were brought to Kathmandu from Mt. Everest or Sagarmatha for cremation.

The government has allocated Rs. 100 million for Nepali Army for the Clean Himalaya Campaign and the army has mobilised Sherpa guides to clean the base camp and some places above it.