Two Helpless Bangladeshi Nationals To Repatriate Today

Two Bangladeshi nationals who were rescued from the streets of Chitwan and Lamjung districts in a very pitiable condition are being repatriated today.

The philanthropic organization, Manab Sewa Ashram, had rescued Bangladeshi nationals, Mamina Begam (Geeta) and Mohammad Babul (Babulal), from streets in 2072 BS.

Ashram’s Secretary Sushil KC shared that the helpless duo have been protected at Ashram for five years and now their homes have been identified through Bangladeshi Ambassador for Nepal.

She further informed that the Bangladeshi fellows would be sent to Bangladesh through a chartered flight for their family reunion.

Begam was rescued from Ramnagar of Chitwan with a fragile health condition. The Ashram had made arrangement to provide her with treatment at Bharatpur Hospital. Likewise, Babulal was found semi-conscious condition on the street of Lamjung.

Earlier too, the humanitarian organization had already arranged reunion of three helpless Bangladeshi nationals with their families.

The organization has so far rescued and 48 foreign nationals and arranged their reunion with their families.

As many as 100 foreigners, mostly Indians, are still under the protection of the Ashram.

Efforts are being made to identify their families and facilitate for their family reunion, the Ashram sources said.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,