Umbrella Street In Patihani Attracting Domestic Tourists

The Umbrella Street of Patihani in Chitwan district has become one of the attractive destinations to those visiting the district.

Chitwan National Park and the adjoining Rapti River are crowded with visitors taking pictures and making TikTok video, enjoying themselves under umbrella.

Tourism infrastructures with ‘Umbrella Street’ were developed by investing Rs 18.6 million last year at Patihani of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-22 after the government enlisted the area in the list of new tourism destination.

Ward Chairperson Bishnu Mahato said that 4,300 people had visited the Umbrella Street on Saturday alone. The entry fee has been determined as Rs 20 per person.

The Umbrella Street, brought into operation from February 13, 2020, was closed due to coronavirus pandemic. It has now been resumed from October 30.

Number of domestic tourists visiting the Umbrella Street is now increasing day by day. Mahato said, “We are excited from the domestic tourists visiting the area.

Not only people from Chitwan and adjoining districts visit the area, domestic tourists from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Gorkha and Biratnagar also visit the area.’

Visitors enjoy in Umbrella Street as well as cultural canvas, boating, elephant riding, jeep riding and food of Tharu community, he shared.

A local journalist Apil Ghimire domestic tourists are seen enjoying sun set as well as one-horned rhino. With the arrival of domestic tourists, local hotels and restaurants have been benefitted.

There are eight big hotels and more than 12 small-scale hotels in Patihani.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has invested Rs 10 million, Bharatpur Metropolitan City Rs 7.1 million and Ward office Rs 1.5 million to construct the infrastructures.

There are 520 umbrellas, 10 cultural canvas as well as a place to enjoy sunset has been constructed.

Similarly, arrangements have been made for the visitor to make an observation of the Kamalpokhari (the lotus pond), Lamital and the Tamortal lakes as well as to go on a jeep safari, walk and elephant safari.

The visitors can also enjoy a bullock cart ride at Ghatgai area.

The visitors can also observe the crocodile breeding centre in Kasara of the Chitwan National Park. The jeep safari reaches the elephant breeding centre at Sauraha passing through the park.

The visitors also get to see various wildlife including the one-horned rhino, tiger, bear, deer and antelopes while taking the safari ride.

This place has a uniqueness of its own as one can enjoy boating in the Rapti River, watch crocodiles and birds as well as the indigenous culture and lifestyle of the Tharu and Bote communities.

The visitors can also taste the indigenous dishes of these communities.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,