UML Chair Oli Announces To Concentrate On Party Upcoming General Convention

Main opposition CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has pledged to implement the 10-point proposal constructively to resolve the intra-party dispute and get focused on the party’s statute, general convention and the national general convention.

Speaking at a press meet organised to inform about decisions of the party’s Standing Committee meeting held on Tuesday, Chair Oli said the upcoming events would be priorities of the party.

The unveiled proposal for the party unification endorsed by the Tuesday meeting when a section of party leaders including Madhav Kumar Nepal who had already announced a split from the party was exercising for the recognition of the CPN (Unified Socialist) from the Election Commission.

On the occasion, Chair Oli said there were tremendous efforts in the past to keep the party intact and thanked all those contributing positively towards that end.

In a press statement issued by Chair Oli, he announced to make the party ideologically clear, organizationally prompt, emotionally united and dedicated to the achievement of common goals.

He also welcomed all those leaders standing in favour of the unification. As he said, integrated and strengthened UML was not only the interest of the party rank and file but also of the people wishing to see political stability, democracy and progress in the country.

“We have clear experiences that how the entire system and nation have to pay the price when parties remaining as the pillars of democracy split.”

He expressed the commitment that a constructive concept would be adopted by assimilating the facts that today’s UML is a continuation of the NCP, it has adopted the legacy of the NCP as well as party building, expansion and unification are its characteristics and culture.

Chair Oli argued that talking about the greater communist unity by splitting the UML is not appropriate as the UML is the mainstream of national politics.

Saying the leaders and cadres, who are in the process for the registration of a new party by breaking away from the CPN (UML), failure is inevitable for them, he reiterated that there would be no discrimination and action would not be taken against those returning to the party as the standing committee has formally called them to return to the party’s mainstream by leaving the harmful path.

CPN (UML) Chair Oli expressed dissatisfaction, saying an ordinance relating to political parties was issued by terminating the House session all of sudden at a time when the Speaker had already informed the House about the agendas of the next meeting.

He further said that the Speaker has not issued a notice till the ninth day as the UML has already informed the Parliament Secretaries about the notice with evidence regarding action taken against those involved against party’s discipline and activities to split the party.

Responding to a query, Chairperson Oli shared that he would hand over the party’s leadership at an appropriate time.

Similarly, UML Secretary and Publicity Department Chief, Yogesh Bhattarai, clarified that there was no necessity to split the party as the taskforce had prepared a 10-point proposal at the consensus of Chair Oli and leader Nepal.

Vice-Chairpersons—Yubraj Gyawali, Asta Laxmi Shakya, Dr Bhim Bahadur Rawal, General-Secretary Ishwor Pokharel, Deputy General Secretary Ghan Shyam Bhusal, standing committee members—Ram Bahadur Thapa, among others were present in the press conference.

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