UML Chairman Oli appeals against party split

CPN UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has appealed to all leaders and cadres to stand firm against the efforts intended to split the party. Issuing an appeal late night on Monday, Chairman Oli called on the party leaders, cadres, members of the House of Representatives and of National Assembly to be united against party break up.

“Not any efforts to divide the UML and its parliamentary party on any pretext would be acceptable,” the appeal stated, reminding that the utmost efforts were made to keep the UML intact after the Supreme Court verdict on March 7. As it failed, the UML is concentrated to keeping intact the party in view of its glorious history, argued the Chairman.

He further said even a taskforce was formed to solve the problems plaguing the party on its unification bid. It handed over the report and decision was made for its implementation.

Moreover, he said UML, as the party having a leading role on national politics, has its role in opposition now. The leaders and cadres should now be disciplined and active to restore party strength in the national politics.

Chairman Oli also asserted that the UML has been the party synonymous to social justice and development in Nepal.

According to him, the coming general convention of the party will propose the statute based on the principle of people’s multiparty democracy and democratization of party life.

Source : RSS,