UML Dissident Group Decides To Push For Party Unity

The rival faction of the main opposition led by Madhav Kumar Nepal has decided to make further efforts for party unity.
The two-day meeting of the standing committee members close to the Nepal-led faction that concluded on Monday made decision to this effect.
Briefing the media after the meeting, party leader Raghuji Panta said the meeting concluded that the efforts being made for party unity were positive.
The meeting also suggested the party chairman KP Sharma Oli and leader Nepal to not engage in a war of words, citing that it could disrupt the unity effort.
Concluding that there was no alternative to party unity, the standing committee members have asked the party top brass not to exchange hate speech which could affect the unity process, said Panta.
“The meeting also concluded that the CPN-UML cadres, voters and people who love the country’s nationality and democracy wish for UML’s unity,” he said, adding that hence all the leaders have agreed to take the unity process seriously and make it successful, Pant said.
Leader, Bhim Acharya said they were making efforts to resume talks between the party chairman Oli and Nepal.
Meanwhile, our Palpa correspondent adds: Former foreign minister and spokesperson of the main opposition CPN-UML Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that the party cannot wait indefinitely in the name of unity.
Stating that their emphasis was on unity, Gyawali said the party would conclude the unity process within 10 days.
Addressing a gathering of party cadres at Tansen, Palpa on Monday, he stressed on the need to speed up the process of unity.
“Party unity can conclude within a week. Otherwise, we will move ahead by keeping the door of unity open to leader Madhav Kumar Nepal and other party members,” he said.
Gyawali said that the party would emphasize unity based on the 10-point agreement prepared by the unity task force.
The day when leader Nepal decides to come to the party, he would be entrusted with his previous responsibilities, he added.
Recalling that party chairman KP Sharma Oli had played a role in party unity even though senior leader Nepal and other leaders of the dissenting camp helped the leader of the opposition party to get appointed as Prime Minister, he said, “Those who are not advancing the unity process are the ones who don’t want unity.”
He also accused senior leader Nepal of violating the rules and regulations most of the time.
According to Gyawali, the current five-party alliance has conspired to weaken, split and deprive the CPN-UML of its role in national politics.
He directed the party cadres to unite and publicise the works done by the party.

Source : TRN,