UML Split Leaves Impact On District Politics

The CPN-UML was formally split a week ago after the Election Commission registered and certified CPN (Unified Socialist), a breakaway faction of UML. The split now has an impact on the district politics.
Though the impact of the split is less among the people’s representatives, it mostly affected the district committee of UML.

A total of 27 out of 63 district committee members who were elected from the district convention have chosen to be part of the newly formed CPN (US) led by Madhav Kumar Nepal, said district chairman RC Bhattarai.
Along with the split, a 49-member district committee has been formed by adding those from UML and the number is increasing gradually, said Bhattarai.

Out of the two constituencies and 11 municipalities, UML had won two constituencies and two municipalities. Similarly, the party had won seats of two mayors and deputy mayors and five chairmen and six vice-chairmen.
Among the people’s representatives elected from UML, only vice-chairperson of Adhikhola Rural municipality Sharmila Poudel has openly supported the CPN (US).

According to Bhattarai, the local level chief and deputy chief will make public their status before September 7 and a large group of ward chairpersons in their party’s favor.
The provincial and local representatives of the CPN(US), established as per the recent amendment in the Political Party Act, through an ordinance, have until September 7 (21 days) to choose between the mother parties and the new parties.

The party had a majority at the secretariat level of UML, said Bhattarai.
However, UML regional chairperson Biswa Poudel said though the party would witness some effect after the split, there would be no much impact in Syangja.
He claimed that only one vice-president has chosen to be a part of CPN (US) and only one or two ward chairpersons would choose to be a part of the new party.
Stating that the party split would not affect the UML’s victory, he said that the party would again be the nation’s largest party.

Source : TRN,