UML’s Kancha Ghale wins in Manang Ngisyang

Photo : TRN,

CPN (UML) candidate, Kancha Ghale, has won chair in Manang Ngisyang Rural Municipality of Manang district.

Kancha Ghale won the post of Chair of Manang Ngisyang Rural Municipality with 861 votes, while another Congress candidate, Chiring Omanga Gurung (Ghale) received 713 votes.

Independent Candidate for vice-chair, Chiring Gurung, backed by CPN (UML) won by securing 744 votes. The neck-to-neck condition was observed for this post as another candidate, Rinjein Dhorje Gurung from Nepali Congress lost by just 19 votes while securing 719 votes. Another candidate for the post, Jamyang Tasi Gurung, secured only one vote.

Source : TRN,