Upper Dolpa Folks Complain Of COVID-19-Like Symptoms, Health Posts Lack Testing Kits

Each house in Upper Dolpa has patients having the symptoms like of COVID-19. According to local health workers, patients showing the symptoms similar to COVID-19 have been found in Dolpo Buddha rural municipality.

The number of people complaining of common cold, fever, body ache and loss of appetite is on the rise, according to Dho Health Post’ worker Karma Sangmo Thapa.

“Most houses in Dho have patients with symptoms like of COVID-19 while even four to five people of a same family have taken ill. We are distributing paracetamol, anti-biotic and other generic medicines useful in the management of flu-like disease,’’ he said, adding that there are around 50 people suffering from the above mentioned health issues.

The disease is further spreading and some people have recovered as well, he said.

“We are making home deliveries of drugs for those patients who are not able to visit health facilities. But it is being done without taking proper personal protections as we lack PPEs, gloves and other safety materials. We are doing this just wearing a face mask,’’ Thapa said.

The sick people are from all age groups: children, young and aged. As Thapa said, the size of drugs stock is depleting at the health post and they need additional supplies of medicines to address the potential crisis in the near future.

Health workers said a majority of patients are being recuperated at home.

Likewise, Tinjegaun at Dolpo Buddha rural municipality also reports an increasing number of COVID-19-like patients.

Tinje Health Post worker and in-charge Khsiring Thapa said the current number of such people stands at 20-25. Since a month, the number of people falling sick and those recovering is equal in ratio, according to him.

Some patients prefer to seek help of health post while some are taking help of Aamachi ( a traditional medical therapy based on Tibetan methodology).

He complained that health facilities here were unable to conduct the COVID-19 test in the lack of testing kits.

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