Uprety’s ‘Ghumdai Firdai America Ma’ Published

Nepal Academy Chancellor Ganga Prasad Uprety’s ‘Ghumdai Firdai America Ma’, a travelogue, has been launched. The Shami Literary Foundation published the 13th literary piece of Uprety.    
Literary figure Uprety had embarked on his journey from poetry writing. Earlier, he has ‘Smritika Chhalma Italy (travelogue)’, ‘Drishtikonka Bibidh Bisauni’, ‘Byakti, Kriti Ra Prabriti (criticism)’, ‘Tibet Ma Das Din (travelogue)’, ‘Desh Deshantar (travelogue)’ and ‘Chakrabyhu (Poetry)’ in his credit.    
The ‘Ghumdai Firdai Amrica Ma’ has presented his travel experience and reflections during his visits to different places of the United States of America since 2009. The travelogue structured in 20 different topics has presented a trajectory of American context as well as American-Nepali society and culture.

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