Ventilators And ICU Beds To Be Set Up At Dhading Hospital Within A Week

Ventilator service would be initiated from Dhading Hospital Dhading within a week.

Two ventilators are to be installed at the hospital with the financial assistance of Bagmati State Ministry of Social Development.

Hospital management committee chair Mahendra Dhamala shared that ventilator and ICU ward would be placed within a week to initiate the services.

The hospital is effortful to provide additional services from two ventilators and eight ICU beds in view of the rise in the transmission of coronavirus infection.

With the placement of new structure and appliances, the critical patients would also receive treatment and poor and marginalized people also get services at their doorsteps, Dhamala added.

Daily 100 patients are visiting the hospital for OPD services where a team of specialists is rendering treatment services to the patients.

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